About us

Noomadoo is an IT service provider for small-to-medium-sized businesses in Fakenham, North Norfolk.
Your goals are our goals. We help your business succeed, because your success is our success.

Integrity, ethics and long-lasting relationships

For Noomadoo, good business is about integrity, ethics and looking after partners. It’s also about forging lasting relationships being trustworthy able to communicate without the jargon that comes with our profession. No jargon, just plain English!

Your shoes

Your business is unique. What keeps you awake at night won’t be the same as your neighbour. We’ll get into your shoes, understand how you and your team work and look at your whole IT operation.

It’s our role to empower businesses of any size with access to all the technologies you need to compete in their marketplace and stay safe from cybercrime.

Size doesn’t matter

Whether your business is – you and a laptop or an army of uber talent and a complex network of devices and IT systems – we will give you the same level of attention and focus.


Since 2009 we’ve grown in exactly the way I’d hoped for. I have my own team now, and dozens and dozens of businesses in the area see us as a trusted IT support partner.

My whole team are personally invested in each and every business we work with, celebrating their success as if it were our own. Because really, it is.

We know that we’ve played a part in helping each business to reach their goals and
hit their targets. And that’s a great feeling.

I’ve always loved computers. Whilst serving in the military i found myself drawn to communications, not the radio’s, the secure communications that we employed, i was fascinated about the way they worked.

As the years went by, the computers got more sophisticated, and my obsession grew. Any free time I had was spent either using a computer, or learning about them. I even built my own.

When the internet became commonplace, my interest in IT deepened. The world opened up to me and I loved all the new things to learn and practice.

After i left the military behind you could say a career in IT was a fairly obvious choice for me.

I started off working as an IT consultant. After a few years I moved on to an IT support company. I really enjoyed the job. Problem solving, creative solutions, seeing the difference I was making to the companies I worked with. It was so rewarding.

But while I loved my job and the clients I worked with, I found I was becoming really frustrated with the way that the company did things. It didn’t put the clients first. It wasn’t part of the role to help our clients grow and improve. The client wasn’t at the heart of everything that was being done. And to me that was wrong.

One day, something just clicked inside me. I realised that I needed to go and do this for myself. To find my own clients and help them in the same way that I would help my own business. To really make a difference to what they did.

In 2009, I handed in my notice and took the step to setup Noomadoo. I haven’t looked back since!

Jon Dodd – Director

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