Over the past year, phishing has risen by nearly 40%. Why the shift? One reason is related to the pandemic - a huge increase in malicious phishing sites preying on people’s fears about the virus.

Our Managed Cyber Security Services

The cyber and digital landscape is continuously evolving – as such this means there is an increased risk of complex threats to your environment. These days, attacks are occurring more regularly than before – and the damage to your company could be catastrophic depending on the attack.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge or skills in-house – both your revenue and reputation could be on the line, and it can take you a long time to recover. Noomadoo can help companies of all shapes and sizes through our managed cybersecurity services.

What Does the Service Cover?

We will take care of everything relating to cyber security for you. This can be from assessing and managing threats and vulnerabilities within your existing infrastructure to regular monitoring.

We will also be on hand for any incident response and can provide remote support, meaning location is no barrier.

IBM recently carried out a study of 204 organisations in the United States. Over 12 months, this small group of organisations saw 4,716 insider attacks.
due to insider negligence
were down to malicious insiders
related to credential theft

Do your team know what’s good and bad online?

Someone working for you right now could also working alongside some of the world’s most successful cyber criminals.

And before long, they’re going to take down your business from the inside.

They’ll put your sensitive business data in the hands of your number one enemy.

Where does this leave your business?

Potentially held to ransom to regain control of your data.

Perhaps losing all your data for good.

And having to explain to your clients that their personal information has been stolen…

Protection against real-time cyber threats is more important now than ever. Educating your employees on how to spot a malicious email can be particularly difficult and a significant strain on your resources, particularly when cyber criminals are using much more refined and advanced techniques to target businesses – large or small.

With our Cyber Backup Cloud for Microsoft 365, you don’t have to face losing your valuable data. Stored safely and securely within a UK Tier-IV data centre, your data can be backed up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s the ultimate protection for your emails, OneDrive and SharePoint files.

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