Risk report

Technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard your business

Even with top-of-the-range endpoint protection, cyber criminals will find intelligent ways of getting through the cracks. When they do, they’ll use sophisticated social engineering techniques to manipulate your employees into giving away sensitive information.

Targeted attacks are on the up
0 %

of successful data breaches involve phishing.

0 %

of organisations faced spear phishing in 2019.

0 %

of organisations faced Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks in 2019.

Security awareness is lacking
0 %

of users who open a phishing email click the harmful link.

0 %

of data breaches involve internal actors.

0 %

of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen and/or weak passwords.

Technology alone isn’t enough
0 %

of phishing emails get past default security mechanisms.

0 %

of all phishing sites use HTTPS protocol, often making them look legitimate to employees.

0 %

of businesses don’t believe the threats they are seeing can be blocked by antivirus.

Your employees aren’t your weakest link - they’re your first line of defence against cyber crime.
A lack of regular security awareness training, up-to-date communications and virtually no way of tracking user behaviour is often the main cause of employees falling victim to attacks.
With an effective security awareness training solution, you can transform your users into a solid first line of defence for identifying, avoiding and reporting sophisticated attacks.
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