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You know as well as we do, that it’s not possible to protect your business from 100% of cyber attacks.

Cyber criminals are coming up with new, increasingly sophisticated scams every day. And at some point, it’s likely that something will get through the net.

But if that does happen, it doesn’t have to mean total devastation for your business. Because if you have the right plan in place, what would ordinarily be a disaster is reduced to a mere inconvenience. Let’s talk about your security – 0330 056 3995.

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Would you prefer to simply run your business or worry about your IT and Security?

One of the most important partnerships your business will ever make is with your IT support company. Consider how dependent your business is on technology.

When did you last update your IT Strategy?
Is your current IT support provider adequate?

Noomadoo can take care of your technology, consolidate other vendors, improve your business workflows and keep your security current. As your IT support company we consider ourselves your business partners so you can spend more time focusing on your bottom line while we focus on your tech.

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So, what’s your disaster recovery plan?

And I don’t mean simply having a working back up (though that’s a good start definitely do that!).

You need a step by step plan that highlights what you do if disaster should strike.

It should include your vital systems and core components, how long you can run your business without them, and any data that you can and simply can’t cope without. If you haven’t got a plan in place, can we help you create one?

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How easy is it for a hacker to gain access to your business?

The video shows a demonstation of a certified ethical hacker we hired, we filmed it from both ends of the attack. The first of our videos shows how he encrypted all the users files before asking for payment for them to be realeased  – ransomware.

Thanks to automated tools, all businesses are being targeted by all hackers, all the time. They want to steal your data, your logins – or worse, hold your data to ransom.

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